I am starting to figure this template thing out on here. I think I like this one better. I saw it on a porn site (chuckle). So we went to Vegas on AI and Kenny Logins came along for the ride. Damn he looks old (oh wait, so do I!). I am certain now that these pre-shows are just for entertainment purposes only. Those people were supposed to have been pre-screened before they met the judges. If that is true it’s time to fire some screeners for sure. The producers put those idiots on because it makes good TV. Yeah right. We all love a train wreck. One showgirl in the bunch made it (were are the show guys!) . If Randy says Dog one more time he may become one. Oh, it’s Daawg! Whatever, and the kid in the baggy shorts that spoke some strange version of English, please! And now we find out he got arrested and had to watch his appearance from jail. What a guy.

The weekend is fast approaching. One of these days I will actually be home on Sunday night to watch the show everyone is talking about, Desperate Housewives, no that thing with “guest appearances” by Liza. Good grief. I saw her show in San Francisco a few years ago. She had to be pushed around the stage on a office chair in the second act. She was a mess. It closed before the end of the run. She couldn’t do it. Too many late nights at 54. It is sad to see talent wasted. Arrested Development, that’s it. I had to do a web search and find it. FOX is such a great station (not). But I can help watching it. I hate the news. I always switch away when that comes on. Probably the only worse station is UPN, and still I watch Girlfriends. Something about Diana Ross’s daughter, Tracy Ellis, intrigues me. And I am hooked on Half and Half…although I have stopped rooting for Mona and Spencer to get together. Is it my imagination or has Chico gotten more muscular this season.

Now that you know my life consists mainly of watching TV, I will sign off for another day.

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