Seven Idol Picks Revealed

At last we are getting somewhere.  It took two hours but we learned who 7 of the top 24 were on American Idol last night.  I gotta say some the ones that went home appeared to have more talent the the ones they kept.  But I have a theory on that one.  The producers try to get a good mix and make the decision on who the winner should be easier by not putting all the best in the top 24.   Plus we need some under dogs to root for and there is always the wild card picks. 

(Descriptions and pictures pulled from Fox news)

  • Michael “Big Mike” Lynche, the large guy from Queens, N.Y. who missed the birth of his first child to compete in the Idol group round in Hollywood.
  • Didi Benami, who dedicated her singing career to a close friend in Nashville who passed away a few years ago.
  • Aaron Kelly, the 16-year-old Pennsylvania foster kid with the spiked hair and great voice.
  • Lee Dewyze, the Chicago guy with a powerful voice. He’s one of the few semi-finalists who wasn’t seen much on television during the earlier rounds, but he gave a terrific, passionate solo of The Fray’s hit, “You Found Me” last night.
  • Katelyn Epperly, the 19-year-old Iowa singer with long, frizzy blonde hair.
  • Todrick Hall, the stage actor and dancer from Dallas who performed with former Idol winner Fantasia in “The Color Purple.”
  •  Casey James, who gained a lot of attention after removing his shirt during the early auditions in Denver, made it to the top 24.

and Sanshirt!

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