The Last Rose for Jake

DWTS….Okay so we have to say good bye to Jake the bachelor.   I was ready for him to go home, but then he danced with that shirt open and it kept falling off his shoulders and revealing more chest…..who cares if he can dance.

Jake Pavelka and Chelsi Hightower

Then we have Max, the pro.  His partner rips his sleeves off and then later he removes his entire shirt.  Who’s his partner….. I was watching Max….

 The sad thing is that Niecy Nash is trying so hard and she was still in the bottom 2.  I would like to see a comedian win this thing.  I loved it when Cloris Leachman was on.  I enjoyed Jerry Springer’s  antics.  And Adam Carolla an a unicycle was great fun.  Not that any of them should have won, but it was entertainment and that is why I watch.

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Seriously though, I think these amateurs are what the show is all about.  Who wouldn’t think an Olympic athlete could dance?   Or a Pussycat Doll….of course she can dance, that’s what made her famous, certainly not her singing ability.

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