My amazing life

My partner is always telling me I am too negative.  He says I create this negative Karma that leads to unsatisfactory results.  He is right, but it is hard to break the cycle.  Remember when you were little and you mother told you “stop making that face or it will stay that way”.   When I look in the mirror I see that she was also right.  It’s not that I feel that unhappy or discussed with life, but my face presents that grumpy look to me in every reflection.  I don’t like mirrors!

So I am wondering if I can change my attitude to positivity and be happier.  I know that I can be happy and express joy, but can I sustain that though out the work week?  I have tried this self-improvement thing before and it works to a point.  I go along thinking yes this is a good thing.  More work assignments means I still have a job.  Someone has something for me to do.  More meetings mean someone needs my help on their project.  My opinions are of value.  I hate this place.  Why can’t I just go home?

See I can’t even do it for a whole paragraph, let alone a whole day.  But I am trying!

In other news  we finished re-wiring the chandelier we bought on our trip to LV.   We even found some shades to put on it.  And I didn’t get electrocuted hanging it.  It was a good weekend after all.

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