Memories from a past life

Memories of life in San Francisco.  My partner and I saw the first production of Wicked there and one of the stars sang on Glee tonight, Idina Kim Menzel (Elphaba).  Of course this appearance lead to a debate as to whether we actually saw her or someone else in the part.  One of us (me) threw out the playbill in one of their (my) cleaning frenzies so we will never know for sure, but Wikipedia says we did see her,  although I remember that Glenda was played by and understudy.

Anyway,  we used to go to the theater a lot when I worked in San Francisco.  My job there made it possible for us to do a lot of cultural things, like attending the Opera and Concerts at Davies Hall.  Sometimes my firm would offer ticket to these events when the CEO or CFO could not attend, the fringe benefits of working for a small investment firm.

So, now we still plan trips to SF for the theater, but these trips have become fewer and farther apart.   We have seen quite a few stars (has beens) here in Reno and Lake Tahoe, but I miss the nights on the town in San Francisco pretending to be somebody in a sud o metropolitan land.

The Black and White Ball is later this month (the 22nd), but alas it is out of reach for us this year.  k.d. lang and Tony Bennett will have to get along without us.

One Response to “Memories from a past life”

  1. I would love to visit SF – It remains one of my favorite places.

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