Mary Worth Mary Worth Mary Worth


I had a dream the other night or at least I think it was a dream.  I got up went into the bathroom and there in the mirror looking back at me was this women in a nightgown and my own reflection was missing.  I then went into the kitchen and there reflected in the glass of the microwave was this same woman.  Then I woke up.

Normally I would just chalk this up as just another dream, but I think our condo is haunted and this dream got my heart racing.  We have had many unexplained phenomenon in the past 7 years.  The razor used to turn itself on in the middle of the night.  I would get up and turn it off only to be awakened later by it being on again.  This usually happened after we returned home from a trip.  The razor would be on the dresser rather than its usual spot back in the bathroom.   One time the razor was actually inside a plastic bag and it turned on.   We rearranged the bedroom and bought a new razor.

Then the ghost/spirit decided it would be fun to turn on the alarm at 3 am.  I would wake up and check it and it was set for the right time, 6:30 but the radio would still be blaring.   The ghost seems to like electrical things.   Often the TV is turned to a different station then we were watching the night before.   The ghost seems to like Antique Road Show better than GMA.

There are more strange things that happen too.  I wake up hearing my name being called. One time someone slapped my face.  When I woke up I could feel the tingle on my skin.

Perhaps this is all my imagination, but this last event reminded me of good old bloody mary from the school play ground.  Spin around in a dark room in front of a mirror say her name three times and she will appear.

I would prefer a more friendly halloween spirit appearing in my mirror.

One Response to “Mary Worth Mary Worth Mary Worth”

  1. gooseflesh
    try speaking to the ghost; they are there usually to communicate something. Perhaps if ‘heard’ they will go away .

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