Brews, Brews and More Brews

Beer is the oldest drink and third most popular behind water and tea.

So how was the BBQ, Brews, and Blues festival?   It was great.   We got there at about 11:45 and stayed till almost 6:00.   Our old mugs worked as did our old wooden nickels and the chairs in the shade turned out to be an excellent idea.

I went with my partner and his brother.  The people watching got better and better as time went on.    Since we were pretty much fixed in our chair other then an occasional refill run, the crowd revolved around us (or at least my partner’s brother thought so!).    

It was fun to watch people change over time.  This one lady who looked to be in her 50s went by the first time I remember looking rather lady like in her summer dress and floppy hat.    The second time she was feeling no pain and very happy.  The third time I saw her she actually winked at me.  So now I know it takes 3 passes before I look good to anyone of the opposite sex.  

An added bonus to the chair situation was discovered by brother.  A couple of women jokingly asked if we were renting out our chairs.  They had just purchased some carne asada tacos and were looking for a place to sit down and eat them.  Brother said for a token she could have his chair.   So the one woman sat in brother’s chair.  I got up and told the other lady she could have mine.  “Well than you need a token too”, she said.   This was the beginning.  They ate their tacos and left.

Low and behold an hour later one of the women was back.  Brother was off getting another beer so she plopped herself down next to me and we started chatting.   I introduced her to partner and she told me that she and the other lady were partners too (not that I couldn’t have figured that out mind you, but confirmation without embarrassing questions is always good).   Suddenly we had new gay friends. 

When people drink they tell you more that you ever wanted to know about them.  I won’t bore you with the details, but the up shot is we are going to meet them at the Gay Pride Festival here in August.  If only I could remember their names!  The ladies went home in a cab and we left for dinner.   There was more to this story but our network here at work crashed and I don’t remember the rest.  Maybe it will come to me in a dream, but that will be another post.

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  1. Great! 🙂

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