Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (unless it’s your son!)

Oops! Sorry, wrong end.

Happy July!  I wasn’t planning on going anywhere this month until our son called and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.   He was planning a trip to Disneyland next week with his family and wanted us to go along.  He will pay for it.   So partner signed us up for Monday through Thursday in Anaheim.   Now I would like to think that our son is doing this out of gratitude for the 18 months he lived with us between jobs.  But I know him all too well, there’s got to be an angle.

Well, for me it is angle, for my partner it is another opportunity.  We are expected to take the kids home with us on Thursday while he and his new bride head off on a Mexican Cruise.    It really won’t be a burden for me because I get to go to work and get away from the little darlings.   Partner gets to spend time with his granddaughters, so he is happy.

I will try to be less pessimistic about this situation.  The time off from work will be nice and we aren’t sharing a room.    As much as I resist having a good time I usually do in spite of myself.  If nothing else California Adventures has alcohol to relax me and make me less grumpy.  That’s what the kids call me.  Their father is Grumpy 1 and I am Grumpy 2.   This leads to partner say he’s “your son”.  He is actually his by birth but I do see some similarities in personality (and he listens to me better than partner sometimes, ouch!)

The whole trip is going to be a surprise for the kids.  They think they are coming to stay with grandpa and grumpy.  They don’t know about Disneyland.    Eldest granddaughter called and was working partner last night.  Apparently one of her friends is going to Carmel on Monday and she wants to go but her father is being mean.   Let me preface this by tell you that is where son told her he was going with wife #2.   So Eldest says she really wants to go with her girl friend and that her mother (wife #1) would bring her to Sacramento when she got back so we could pick her up for the rest of the week.    I wonder where she learned all this?    Son tells Eldest no, so she is on the phone with partner.   But Partner is not giving in this time.  He tells her that he has a surprize for her and that she will like it better then going to Carmel.   Now her curiosity is peaked.  “Well what is it, tell me!”   “You’ll just have to wait and see.”   

I think this conversation may repeat itself tonight with more details potentially leaking out.  She is her father’s daughter.

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