Grumpy gets happy

We made it through another week.  I am feeling great relief knowing that I will be on vacation for most of next week.   I am actually looking forward to spending time with son and grand daughters and maybe wife #2, she sort of grows on you 😉

Wife #2 is bringing her daughter but her son is not coming.  It seems his real father tormented him for being a chicken the first and only time he went to Disneyland.  That is said.  I like the boy but he is as ADHD as they come, so I would rather not have to worry about him.

If you look back at my wedding picture post you can see the whole fandamly.  I am sure that Eldest will be posting on Facebook once she finds out she is going.

We don’t leave till Monday morning, so partner and I are spending a nice weekend at home.  We may go to Sparks and watch the fireworks or not since we are leaving early in the morning.  If we weren’t going on this trip we would go to Lake Tahoe and watch the show on the beach.  It is really a beautiful show over the South Shore casinos.  It reflects in the lake.  The best place to be is on the beaches before South Shore so you can get the full effect.  Well, maybe next year cause I am going to Disneyland!

I would have shown a picture of Grumpy getting Happy but this is a PG site.

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