So you think you can dance again?

Mia Michaels and Mary Murphy

I have not been commenting on this show, but as an addict I am watching.   The format has changed.  Instead of dancing with each other, they are dancing with previous season “all-stars”.   At first I didn’ t like this approach, but it makes for better performances and you only need to watch one of the dancers.  If I find myself watching the “all-star” more than the contestant I know they don’t measure up.

Another change that bothers me is the judges themselves.   Mary Murphy was replaced by Mia Michaels.   I love Mia as a choreographer, but as a judge I find her a bit mean-spirited sometimes.   Nigel says that in real life the judges are harder.  So I guess if this is to be a true reality show she is on the mark, but I still feel for the contestants.  I think she has heart too, but she is brutally honest.

Mary Murphy was fun and I miss the Hot Tamale Train.  She may guest judge, although there have not been any to date.  I am sure Nigel’s ears could use the rest from her screams of excitement.

The picture below is of  Kent Boyd.   He is not the best dancer on the show but he makes me smile and I love watching him.  He is only 18. 

Kent Boyd

One Response to “So you think you can dance again?”

  1. he’s cute 🙂

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