Achilles’ heel

Contemporary routine choreographed by Mia Michaels for the top eight performed on the results show.

Thank goodness for DVRs.  I was able to catch up on SYTYCD last night.  It was fun to see the contestants dance with each other like the old days.  It was sad to say good by to Alex Wong due to injury.  Whoever said dance was for sissies never watch this show.   He tore the ligament that attaches his tendon to his Achillesheel.  This can be very painful.  Basically the tendon snaps back up the leg like a rubber band.  Ouch!  He is expected to recover, but not for 3 months, so they are bending the rules and will allow him to dance again next season.

Kent Boyd is still my favorite, and apparently he is a fan favorite too.  He and Alex were buddies on the show and Alex will continue to root for him as well.

Mia Michaels in an apparent bow to criticism apologized for being overly harsh in her critics, claiming she loves them all and only wanted to push them to their potential which she felt they were not achieving.   Okay Mia,  I apologize too for thinking you were a cold …my bad.  Seriously, these are kids, Kent is only 18.  I think you can teach with out being cruel. I miss Mary Murphy!  Okay Mia you are forgiven this time.  I still love your work and the dancers seem to love working with you.

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