Dancing for your life

Ashley Galvan

The elimination show for SYTYCD was sort of a waste of time.  We had one injured dancer, Ashley, who was automatically in the bottom three.   Later we found  Jose and Billy joining her.  Both boys danced for their lives.  But in the end it was announced the Ashley could not continue in the competition.  Her cracked ribs are expected to take 5 weeks to heal.

I was a little worried for Jose after his poor performance on the Jazz number, but now he has a chance to work harder and avoiding being in the bottom three again.

Billy really never should have been in the bottom based on his performances, but this is a popularity contest and I don’ think it was so much that people didn’t like him as that they are rooting for their favorite dancer and he wasn’t it.   I am not sure what someone needs to do to get noticed on this show.  Billy certainly has plenty of personality.  Maybe he just needs a great routine like the one Robert had which got him out of the bottom three finally.

My favorite is still Kent.  I think, if he can avoid injury, he will win it.

One Response to “Dancing for your life”

  1. I think they should rename the show ‘So You Think You Can Survive’ with 2 dancers now out due to injuries

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