10 things that drive me crazy about my partner


Okay so maybe it’s not a funny David Letterman type top ten, but I am sure we all have our own pet peeves about our mates and their annoying habits.  Tomorrow I will attempt to make a list the opposite of this one (which may or may not be postable information).  Actually, I have attempted to be very civil in the past about our relationship on this blog.  I just wanted to show that we are like any other couple, straight or gay. 

1.   Rearranges silverware  at a restaurant because it isn’t set correctly,  fork goes on the left.

2.  Goes over budget buying presents because he is afraid what his family will think if he doesn’t spend enough.

3.  Worries constantly about your health, but won’t go to the doctor to see about his own.

4.  Complains about how many times you tell the same story.

5.  Asks if you two are ready yet when he hears you talking to yourself in the bedroom.

6.  Insists on driving and then complains about having to drive all the time.

7.  Complains you aren’t listen and then when you give him your undivided attention refuse to repeat himself, because if you cared you would have heard it the first time.

8.  Never wants to make the final decision on anything, because then if it’s bad it isn’t his fault.

9.  Constantly asks unimportant questions  about side dishes for dinner or what to get at the grocery store and wonders why you tune him out to watch TV.

10.  Always kisses you goodbye as you head out the door for work (crazy in a good way!)

3 Responses to “10 things that drive me crazy about my partner”

  1. Does he read this? I think you should tell him.

  2. Not a terrible list really – I think he’s a keeper !

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