SYTYCD brace yourself

I must have been asleep last week.  No one went home.  So this week (tonight) two people will be on the chopping block.  After watching the performances and listening to the judges, it seems they may have already decided without the voting.   Billy is obviously a judges favorite which is most likely why he wasn’t sent packing last week.  He performed last night with a knee brace.  Jose is not a favorite although they said some kind words to him.  

It will be interesting to see if all the patronizing paid off in votes.  Lythgoe and company all but crowned Lauren the winner. Plus Nigel managed to get the name of the show wrong calling it “American Idol”.  Careless mistake or shameless plug?  I think the later.  Is it just me or does he seem even more manipulative this season?  Mia is turning into the nice one and I don’t think her critiques have really changed that much. 

Kent is still expected to be in the finals with Lauren.  That part I agree with, but last night was the first time the judges all seemed to agree to that point as well.  I think Kent was right when he back talked to Nigel saying his facial expression were what made him who he is and that they were genuine emotions and not some affectation that he could just stop doing.  He is enjoying himself and it shows all over his face. 

So who will go home.  Well, the judges appear to be considering Adechike and Jose as the bottom two.  They actually had praise for “goofy” Robert and have always loved Billy.  I think it is going to be Adechike and Billy.   I like Billy but he just doesn’t compel me to want to vote for him.  The dancing is great, but this show is also about personality.  He doesn’t interview well. 

I was going to post a picture of Nigel, but I would rather take another look at Robert. 

Robert Roldan and "All Star" Courtney Galiano

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