We decided to go to the Peppermill last night and checkout some of the cars here for Hot August Nights.   The place was mobbed.  But partner found us street parking behind the casino.  Being locals we know the secret back entrances.

I saw the car I had in high school, and AMC Javelin.  It wasn’t the exact same year but there it was looking better than I remembered.  We forgot the camera, so we will be going back tonight and taking some pictures.

Your first car, your first girl er ah boy friend, memories are so pungent when you have physical reminders.  There were plenty of people going down memory lane with us, and of course there was music in the air provided by cover bands.  Some of the old-time original performers are in town, but they aren’t free.   Plus the last time I saw Chicago I was very disappointed and don’t really want to trash all my memories by going to see a Frankie Vallie Tribute band or Papa Do Run Run and The Spinners.   The free piped in music is good enough for me.

Hopefully, I can post some pictures in tomorrow’s blog.

3 Responses to “Cars”

  1. My first car was a Subaru Impreza Sport. Not too flashy, but great in the snow.

  2. I know nothing about cars.

  3. an amc javelin as your first car? suddenly, I’m feeling ancient.

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