Everythings coming up roses

Last year we went to Portland during their gay pride celebration.  It was just after the roses had started to bloom.  This year we are going for Labor Day and it looks like we are in luck, the roses bloom through mid-October.  Founded in 1917, Portland’s International Rose Test Garden is the oldest official, continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States.

I am really looking forward to this trip.  This year my birthday actually falls on Labor Day.  My mother remembers being in labor around labor day but she doesn’t remember if it was labor day.  I know it wasn’t as I have check and I was “Tuesday’s Child”.  But I was born at 12:35 am so mom was in labor on Labor Day.

And John F. Kennedy was making a speech in Detroit:

John F. Kennedy - Labor Day 1960 - Detroit, Michigan

. . . The facts of the matter are that the Republican Party for 40 years has opposed all kinds of progressive social legislation. They did it in the special session in the last 4 weeks, and if they are successful they will oppose legislation for the next 4 years. That is not what we want for this country. We want America to move again. . . .

And fifty years later his words still resinate. 

And Jackie Kennedy would soon be adding a rose garden at the White House.  The official rose garden dates back to 1913 by Ellen Loise Axson Wilson.  But the one that is their today was designed by Rachel Lambert Mellon in 1961, while the Kennedy’s were in the house.  The East garden which balances out the Rose garden on the West has been renamed after Jacqueline Kennedy.

And so it goes full circle.  While I am not the First Lady, by any stretch of the imagination, I am looking forward to walking down Queens Walk at the Washington Park Rose Garden in Portland.

White House Rose Garden

2 Responses to “Everythings coming up roses”

  1. hohoho
    you can be the first lady if you wish !

    I hope you are planning a brilliant and fabulous birthday bash.

  2. “bunny” just celebrated her hundredth birthday. can you imagine? such a legacy.

    and though it’s a bit early, I’ll wish you a happy birthday. i’m envious that you’re spending it in portland, though. roses are my very favorite flower.

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