I googled happy and found these six steps:

  1. Be optimistic.
  2. Follow your gut.
  3. Make enough money to meet your basic needs.
  4. Stay close to friends and family.
  5. Find happiness in the job you have now.
  6. Smile.

It seems simple enough.  Step one is a tough one for me.   Step three has been trouble in the past.  Step 5 just takes some more of step one.  The smiling is an interesting one.   If you smile you just naturally feel happier.

The sound of music makes me happy!

2 Responses to “Happiness”

  1. I think being happy is a byproduct of functioning well, sort of like heat given off by a well running machine. I tell patient to forget happiness; focus on being well/living well and the rest follows
    I like the 6 advice bits; I would add a 7th – tea !

  2. I like these six steps, and also Spo’s comment about focusing on being and living well.

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