Family and Friends

Morro Rock at Sunset

We made the 8 hour drive from Reno down to my parents house in Morro Bay, California.   This time we took a more scenic route down 101 instead of the 5.   It is still a very long time to sit in the car.   I am glad we went.

My parents had a visitor from Minnesota.   A life long friend of the family who was traveling on a lecture circuit and made time to stop in and visit.   And I do mean made time.   She had to drive back to LAX on Sunday which is 5 hours from Morro Bay.  Our families have been friends since before I was born.    I find it amazing how my mother has stayed in contact through the years.   I certainly haven’t been as good about staying in touch with their children, one of who is my age.  It must be a generational thing.   Or perhaps it is because my mother was an only child.    Whatever the reason it was a very pleasant visit into the past, spending time with this amazing woman.

This friend is an educator.  She has travelled the world, but not as a tourist.   Her stories of travel are more of wonder and adventure.  She sees things most of us over look and she goes there on a mission to make the place better than before she arrived.   These trips are educational for her and the people she meets.    Much of her work is volunteer and directed towards the impoverished.    And yet some of her travels are on a more grand scale.    She once spent 14 months in United Arab Emirates to help set up an education system that was for both men and women.  Something that had not been done in this part of the world.    It says a lot about how bad it must have been over there to think that she counted the months she was away.   It wasn’t that she was treated badly.  It was that she had to observe a culture up close that basically suppresses women and goes against her own values.  She helped setup a library and in turn had to enforce the senorship of some of the reading materials which truly went against her grain. But she stayed the course and got the ball moving in the right direction.  She made a difference.

I hope someday people will say that I made a difference.  That should be a life goal.

One Response to “Family and Friends”

  1. We make so many differences in life it isn’t funny – we just don’t know we made the difference, most of the time. What seems mawkish turns out to be the most profound. Take heart you make so much impact.

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