Dancing foot in mouth

Florence went home!   Now we are down to a teen advocate, a football player, a basketball player, a Disney star, a Hills reality star, and Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing.   Hmmm!  I wonder who is going to win this thing.  Onward and upward, at least now Monday and Tuesday nights are open again, cause I don’t care about any of them.

On a different topic, be careful what you say to your partner about his family.  It is okay for him to say it but if you say it prepare for the slient treatment.   Now some might say it is nice to sit around in silence, collect ones thoughts, and refect on things.   Well this kind of silence is not nice.   I don’t know what to do about it.    I opened my mouth and put my foot in it and I can’t get it back out.   The only nice thing about it was that by morning all was forgiven, we had moved past it.   The bad thing is my partner has a good memory.  He can remember everything I have ever said and I can’t deny it because I don’t remember.   This morning after the cone of silence was lifted partner discovered he had forgotten something.  He had a dental appointment and missed it.   He never forgets!  And I mean never.  Now I know this was a revelation to him that he had forgotten something but to me it was a sign that he might forget more things.   Maybe my foot can stay out of my mouth for awhile longer.    I am hoping.  But if it should get back in there maybe it will come out sooner.

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