Family Stress

You know how sometimes you don’t feel like posting but you want to post cause you know you should post but you really don’t have anything to post.   Well this is that post.

There are changes happening around me that have affected my health.   My sister’s father-in-law was put in a home.  Her husband came down with a mysterious dizziness and began to drink and take large quantities of medications that were not his to relax.  This lead to him telling my nephew that he might just as well end it all.  He has been out of work for over a year.  All of that was stressing me out.  I don’t really have a good relationship with my brother-in-law, but I don’t want him killing himself either.  The father-in-law is a Scientologist.  Enough, said.  He wanted to counsel his son the Scientology way which only further stressed my brother-in-law out.  Then last Wednesday the old man died.  Amazingly my brother-in-law is feeling much better and all of his symptoms of dizziness have disappeared too. So here is the deal.   Don’t let your family stress you out.  There is a lot to this story but the details are unimportant.  Family members can drain the life out  of you if you let them.  My brother-in-law felt guilty putting his father in a home and that guilt lead to depression which could have cost him his life.  I am very thankful that he is doing better, and I believe that his father who had suffered for several years with illness is also in a better place now.

Boy this really is a rambling post.  How did all of this effect my health?  Well, I think that when a part of your family is suffering you suffer too.   I was stressing out over my sister having to deal with all of this more that what was really happening.  But it took its toll on me.   That combined with situations a work that have also been strained lately.

Remember I talked about my breakfast club some months back.  Well one member of the club has suddenly dropped out.  He has made excuses the  last two weeks leaving the rest of us to speculate  what is wrong.  I think next week I am going to flat-out ask him what is wrong, if he doesn’t show up.  I don’t need to be stressed out by him either.   Tuesday night before the breakfast I had some sort of reaction.  My skin became flush.  It scared me.  I take Niacin so that could be the culprit but I have not had a reaction before.  It must be stress.

One Response to “Family Stress”

  1. niacin and stress mix to make flushed skin, to be sure.

    I would ask Mr. Breakfast what is the matter – it seems only right if someone is dropping out to say so matter of factly for closure.

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