Elections result – dancing on thin ice

I am happy to report that Harry Reid is still our Senator.  It was getting pretty scary to think that an extreme conservative like Sharon Angle was going to win.  Now I don’t have to move!   It was also nice to see a familiar face become Governor of California, Jerry Brown.   Perhaps the Tea Party movement helped Republicans in other parts of the country, but here in the West we held fast.

The same can not be said for DWTS.   Bristol Palin avoided elimination one more time with the support of Kelly Osbourne.  I realize Kelly was looking at this in a non-political way, and from that point of view I applaud her support.  I do think it is a rather naive view.  Bristol Palin is not a star in her own right.  Her only real claim to fame comes from her mother and the tabloids.   She certainly didn’t dance better than Fox who unfortunately went home last night.  Was it just me or were there tears in the corner of his eyes on that last close up?

Kelly Osbourne truly stole the show.  She was stunning, funny and very charming as guest judge.

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