Few people have noticed, I started another diary of sort on my Thinner page.   Here I am attempting to chronicle my struggle with weight.  I am forcing myself to make and entry every week, good or bad.  Check it out and offer me some advice and encouragement.

Some people have been overweight all their lives and some of us have just let ourselves go.   I am the latter.   Once upon a time I was thin enough to be a model and was enrolled in acting school.  Now I  could be a character actor, maybe, but nothing more.  I am not suggesting that I would be acting today if I were still thin.  My motivations in that direction have past and have nothing to do with weight.  But once I looked like Chachie from Happy Days, and now I look like John Goodman from Rosanne.  Not that I don’t think John is a handsome man, but this is not a healthy situation.

2 Responses to “Cursed!”

  1. I join you on this one; it is time I really buckled down to more sensible diet and perhaps a bit more exercise.

  2. I’d take John Goodman over Scott Baio any day.

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