It’s all relative and grape fun!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.   Uncle prepared a wonderous feast.  It was a bit cold outside so we spent a lot of time huddled around propane heaters and barbecues or in the kitchen.  I made fast friends with Uncle’s wife’s Aunt.   We helped in the kitchen.  I helped drink all the scotch and she helped drink all the white wine.  When the scotch ran out I helped with the white wine too. 

Great Auntie (really only a few years older than Auntie)  is from Napa where the wine flows freely in rivers of Merlot and Chardonnay.  We were invited to come visit sometime and prehaps we shall, but partner was outside with the men folk and didn’t really have as good a time as we did in the kitchen so we shall wait and see on that one.  Apparently, Cousin (Great Anutie’s son) is not quite as fun to be with as his mother.  Although, I think his father is a jolly fellow.  Cousin lives in Turlock not Napa so it could be a nice visit after all.

This is all so confusing.  Maybe I should just go home and have some more scotch.  It couldn’t hurt!

2 Responses to “It’s all relative and grape fun!”

  1. what sort of scotch?
    Mark Twain drank scotch every night as a preventative of tooth ache
    he never had one.

    • Uncle had J&B which is really just for mixing drinks. If I call it its Johny Walker Red or Black, because most bars have it. If I am at a bar with wonderful selections I go for Glenlivet or Glenfiddich. In a pinch Dewars white label is fine too, but try getting a bartender who knows what white label is…..(some bar scotches do taste like tooth ache medicine)

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