A little rain sometimes

I was looking for a picture of rain and this one caught my eye!

We had our early Christmas with my family and partner’s sister.  It rained cats and dogs, but it was still fun to go shopping and come home to a warm fire and a home cooked meal.   We are going to sonny’s for Christmas Eve.   We sort of invited ourselves, it may be pot luck.

As for the job front.   I had a good meeting with that manager and although he can not offer me a position now there is one coming soon that he hopes I will apply for.   He tried to convey positive energy, telling me that the people in his group really like my work and would love to have me join them. I am optimistic that this will all workout for me.  Thanks to all who wished me well.

I haven’t much to say today.   I am sort of relieved about what has happened and disappointed too.   I will write more when I am in better spirits (Johnny Walker might do the trick).

3 Responses to “A little rain sometimes”

  1. Mr. Walker is a very nice spirit, much nicer than the nasty Christmas Yet to Come.

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