The visitors

Reno has been the home of the Safari Club International  annual hunters convention for the past several years.  Sarah Palin is the keynote speaker this year to a sold out crowd.   The convention brings money into town during the winter months which is typically our slow time, which justifies our supporting them.  Sarah Palin makes  a perfect speaker for this event given her outdoors appeal and use of cross hairs on her website to target members of congress and she can see Bambi from her front porch.

Speaking of visitors I am hooked on V.  It is a horrible show.   Last night we saw the Fifth Column torcher one of the visitors for information.  It was a female visitor.  No water boarding here, they skinned her alive.  But first they cut off her finger and used it to open a secret compartment in her oven (back in her apartment, not the other one!).  The compartment contained images of her victims on a special hologramy type chip that can project images in the air that can then be flipped like you do on and Ipad with your finger.  Now last nights episode was sort of a family theme, mother-daughter, mother-son.    It seems that the current Queen of the Vs has her mother in some sort of prison cell with a strange hanging basket covered in leaves and burlap where she sleeps.   Queen V goes into the cell and tells her captive mother about her plans for earth and her education of her own daughter in the art of human experiments. It’s a family thing.  So the FBI agent that is the head of the Fifth Column has a son that was genetically altered by V.   He is missing segments in his chromosomes.  So FBI lady tries to get out of her captive what has happened to her son but the woman doesn’t know and they skinner her anyway.  Fun stuff.  Oh and on the same family theme Queen V has one of her trader (he joined the Fifth Column)V’s children for hostage.  And what does the Queen hope to capture in these experiments?   The human sole.

So what does this have to do with Sarah Palin coming to Reno?  Is she a visitor for another planet?   Could be!

One Response to “The visitors”

  1. what scares me more than her is the people who adore her. I worry so that she/they will take over.

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