Annoying comments

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t be so sensitive about these things, but here we go.  Last night I was in line for something and a drunk man says:  “Go ahead big guy“.  I must have gave him a look because he immediately started defending his comment.  “I didn’t me big as in big“.  He held his arms out in a large circumference.  “I meant big as in biiiig…you no strong and sturdy, tough.”  He continued to dig his hole.  “You know what I mean,  you don’t want to mess with them or you might get hurt”.

Yes I am a big guy.  But I don’t consider that to be a nickname or a flattering comment from anyone.  I let it pass, but part of me is very annoyed.  I am annoyed at myself for not getting into better shape.  That would be the obvious solution to this problem.   But it doesn’t end there. 

You see, I have a rather high-pitched voice.  So often when I call a restaurant or a store they come back with “How about 7:15 m’am” or “I am sorry m’am, we are sold out.”   People make a lot of assumptions who don’t know you or can’t even see you in this case.

To be fair, my mother gets no Sir on occasion as well.  You see we have similar pitch to our voices.   So why do people feel the need to put a sex on it?  Maybe the solution here would be to have a pronoun that is neither male or female.   There are some that people have tried to use that way,  Guys, for example, can be a mixed group.  To solve the married or unmarried we have Ms.  for Miss or Mrs.   Hmmm what would work for everyone?   In the South they have Y’all or hun or honey.   Some people are offended by honey too.  Women find it sexist just like being called Girls.  If they call themselves girls that is okay.  There is also doll or doll face, but these have obvious connotations.   “Be a doll and get me some tea.” or  “What’s up doll-face?”  Dude is another annying word. (Unless Joey is saying it to meI love him in that new show “Episodes”, but that’s a different topic.None of these will work.

Maybe the answer for me is to lose weight and be called slim.   Until then though I guess big guy is better than fat faggot or m’am.

Okay, so this picture is sexless and annoying.  But funny.  I love you Rosie (O’Donnell), but you were voted the most annoying celebrity.

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