Prescription for Rabbits

Have you ever heard of getting a prescription to have rabbits?   Apparently this is possible.  My new neighbor, upstairs and across the common area, has bunnies.   She came to the homeowners association meeting and claimed to have a prescription that would allow her to keep these animals in her condo.  I have nothing against rabbits.  They are cute soft  and fluffy little guys that mean no harm.   I think the rules were intended to keep her for raising them as a food source.  But I find it strange that she could get a prescription for this.

The new neighbor is by my definition some what odd if not completely bonkers.   She put boards up on her balcony, presumably so that the bunnies could not fall though the slats in the railing.  I was okay with that.  Then she put up a snow camouflage net from top to bottom.  This is clearly not allowed.   We took a picture of it and sent it to the management company.

The camouflage came down two days later.  Now she has this fan light in her living room with bare bulbs that look like search lights shining directing into our condo.   We now have to close our drapes.  If this was her goal she has succeeded.

You may think this is all sort of okay, but there is more.   She deems herself an artist.   She has so much “art” in her place that she asked the board if she might hang some of it in the common areas.  She also asked permission to put in a lift because she has trouble with the stairs.   My question is why did you buy upstairs?   If she pays for the lift and removes it when she leaves it is allowed.   As for the “art” no way.

Now I haven’t seen any of her art.  As far as I can tell nothing is hanging on her walls.  But she does have little bottle of paint on the window sill of her second bedroom.   The scary thing is her truck.   She drives a red  grey pickup truck that she has fastened My Little Pony and various other toys to the hood, completely covering it.  This she also calls  “art”.

I supposed this is starting to sound like a nosey neighbor.  But quite honestly she has brought the attention to herself.  The other day she decided to sweep off her balcony.  Rather than sweep it up into a dust pan she swept it over the side and down onto the patio of her downstairs neighbor.  Nice!   Now I have had problems with my upstairs neighbor throwing things over the balcony at parties (beer bottles, cigarettes, used condoms, trash).  Ricky simply talked to them and they said they would keep it under control in the future and so far they have.    I am not sure I want to talk to this woman.  She scares me.

This is why I hope to buy a house someday and get out of these condos and away from homeowner associations.


3 Responses to “Prescription for Rabbits”

  1. What a nightmare!

  2. I could not get by the notion of a license for rabbits.
    Where I live they are everywhere; how about a license to get rid of rabbits?

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