No love songs for Jeffery

Visiting friends have created the perfect excuse for not going to see a certain siren in concert.  It seems Bernadette is not their cup of tea.    I forced them to go with me and see Debbie a few years ago.  I guess that was enough torcher (sic.), even though I think they secretly liked the show.   We were front and center that time and Debbie flirted with a man at our table whose birthday it was.    She offered up her leg for him to touch!   It was so exciting.   (Of course if you are not a fan I supposed a 70 plus lady sticking her leg in your face can be frightening.)

So the friends arrive on Sunday and are staying through Tuesday.  They quickly informed us that if we had romantic plans for Valentines Day to go ahead with them to which Ricky just laughed.   So I guess we don’t have any romantic plans.  😦

Anyway, it should be a nice visit with the Irish sisters.  They love to gamble so we will be spending some time in smoke-filled casinos for sure.   But I am also sure we will do some shopping and eating as well.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day.

2 Responses to “No love songs for Jeffery”

  1. you have a wonderful VD too!

  2. […] I have seen Debbie a couple of times when she comes here to Reno.  She is a good friend of John Ascuaga and has appeared in the celebrity show room at his Nugget hotel in Sparks many times.  Her act doesn’t really change that much, but it doesn’t have to, we are there to see a living legend, “Princess Leia’s  mom”, as she says “for you youngsters in the audience”,  although that title would be lost on my grandchildren.  I reviewed one of her visits on my blog once,  No love songs for Jeffery. […]

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