Forecast is Pain, Rain, Drain and Snow

Got home last night to a disaster.   The upstairs neighbor’s water heater sprung a leak and it was raining inside the walls of our bedroom.   To make things worse no one was home.  Apparently, she was a renter and left at the beginning of the month.   Called the property management company, called the caretaker, called the other members of the board, called the own and left him a message,  called a locksmith.   Ricky was going ballistic as new VP of the board screaming and yelling at all of them.    Me and the cat laid low.

Finally, the caretaker showed up and turned off the water.  He then got a ladder and crawled up on to her balcony opened the water heater closet and proceeded to drain it down into the yard.    He saved the day!

The water continued to seem into the walls and drip into buckets all night long.   And of course, we had a snow storm blow in on top of it.     Needless to say I have not sleep well and am pretty cranky.

This morning we reached the owner of the condo and he says he is sorry for what happened and will take care of the clean up and repairs.   At least there is that.  It is a lovely wet mess.  Walls swelled up, carpet soaked and the electrical box was in one of the raining walls.   Ricky was afraid the place would catch fire.    Really,   its water and there is a snow storm out there, isn’t that enough to worry about.

I am going to the dentist today!  That makes it perfect some how.  Now if those damn rabbits would stop staring at me from the balcony across the commons, maybe I could get some rest.  Amazingly “the artist” never showed her face during all the commotion last night.

2 Responses to “Forecast is Pain, Rain, Drain and Snow”

  1. Thank God this has never happened to me. When things get ruined in my house, I get all freaked-out until it’s repaired. In fact, we have broken spindles right now, from the kids, and it’s all I cam think about at the house. I hope that your place gets fixed quickly. Have you tried wearing ear plugs to sleep? It helps take the edge off from those nighttime sounds(and dripping water).
    Your New Friend, m.

  2. Sorry to hear of your news – we’ve had flood damage here and water can be so destructive. Take lots of photographs, make notes of every conversation with your insurance company or whoever is going to pay for the damage and triple check everything.

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