Sprinklers, puddles and puppies

When a weekend with family sounds like an escape, I know I am having a bad day.   The weather held out and we spent the weekend in Modesto with sonny boy and his crazy er ah beautiful wife.  It was actually an opportunity to get the brakes fixed on the car and as it turned out new tires.   Brandon (our son) has a friend he play’s golf with who got us a deal.

So now we are home and not much happened while we were away.  Billy (the cat) was fine.   The workers finished the drywall and taping.  Today they are plastering the ceiling and texture coating the walls.  Tomorrow they are supposed to paint.    Hey, I think I see a light at the end of that long dark tunnel.

I will have to admit that Lannette (daughter in-law) didn’t get on my nerves quite as much as she did at Christmas.   Maybe the agreement she had with Rick set her straight, at least for now.    She even made cookies!  How can you get mad at her for that? Well my mother would have told her “You know Jeff is a diabetic and shouldn’t be eating sweets”.   But mommie dearest was not with us this trip.  So I ate cookies, Yeah!

The little poodle puppy was another story.  She jumps around like a hyper child.   I picked her up and she became a sprinkler.  What joy!   So I renamed her piss bag er a puddles instead of Lola.   The latest thing is that Lannette has a friend with a Yorke and she wants to make Yorkepoos with Lola.   Poor Lola, she is barely 6 months old and her mother already has plans to pimp her out.   I tried to convince her it would not be a good idea.  First she doesn’t take care of Lola let alone a pregnant Lola.  Second  grand-daughter #1 (Emilee) wants one of the puppies.  There goes any hope of making money.  She won’t be able to give birth to more than two or three and they are going to have to pay the vet cause Lannette isn’t ready to take it all on herself.  She sarcastically agreed with me and called off the breeding for now.

Well, I have to go to the dentist this afternoon again.  This time to have a full exam and have two cavities checked out.  The fun never stops.  Don’t you wish you lived in Reno?

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