Is thirteen an unlucky number?

Last night the 13 top contestants for American Idol performed for our votes.   I have to say this was one of the slickest shows that I can remember on AI this early in the competition.   Unlike the first few seasons, all of these contestants can sing, but like their predecessors song choices can make or break them.

Lauren Alaina sang “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain.  The song has been done to death on Idol in my opinion, but I couldn’t help but love Lauren’s attitude.  This 16 year old is going places despite the judges reactions.

Casey Abrams (the nerdy guy with the bread) growled out a Joe Cocker song.  I like this guy, but I wasn’t to crazy about his song.  The audience went crazy for him so I don’t think my opinion much matters.  He will be there next week.

Ashton Jones put on her best Diana Ross impersonation singing “When You Tell Me That You Love Me.”   She better hope that thirteen is her lucky number cause this was not her best, or even good for that matter.  But the judges, in their usual attempt to manipulate voters praised her.  They even invited Berry Gordy to hear her performance live.  Berry was polite and just smiled.

Paul McDonald sang Ryan Adams’s “Come Pick Me Up”.   First of all I am with Jennifer on this one, “who is Ryan Adams”.    I love Paul’s voice and his strange moves on stage, so maybe it didn’t matter what he sang.

Pia Toscano performed “All By Myself” and as far as I can tell she is just that at the top of the list.  I don’t like Celine Dion, plus the contestants usually murder the few songs she has that I do like, but this was perfection.

James Durbin is my favorite guy. Last week he sang Judas Priest and last night he sang Paul McCartney’s  “Maybe I’m Amazed”.  He amazed me. 

Haley Reinhart  made me think of Pasty Cline with her version of “Blue”.  The judges knocked her a little which again I think was an attempt to manipulate votes away from her toward their wild cards.  She was lovely and the singing was spot on.

Jacob Lusk…. my mother says if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.  The judges love this guy.

Thia Megia sang  “Smile”.   The first part was wonderful.  Then the producers made a mess of the arrangement.  If she goes home it is the producers fault.

Wildcard Stefane Langone sang Stevie Wonder’s “Lately”.   I like this kid but I think the judges are going to lose him because they pump him up so much and don’t offer constructive critiques.  Also they messed with this song too.  It was the Bee Gee’s  on steroids.  Not good.

The rest of the night was all down hill.  Karen destroyed a Selena song, Scotty McCreery mugged his performance to death,  and Naima Adedapo’s reggae ” Umbrella” left me dry.

Thirteen can be a lucky number.  It is certainly better odds for the contestant then the top 10.    Some of these singers deserve another chance.  Let’s hope they get one.

One Response to “Is thirteen an unlucky number?”

  1. I’ve yet to watch Idol this year. Don’t really know why. I’d like to blame JHo, since she makes me want to gag…but I have heard she’s really quite good. Now that all the weirdos have been weeded out, it must be time to start watching. I’m upset I missed Berry Gordy.

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