Mike Catherwood eliminated on DWTS

Mike Catherwood went home last night.  Not sure who is voting here because Wendy Williams survived this first elimination show.   It is probably because very few people even knew who “Psycho Mike” is other than his co-host on “Love Line”, Dr. Drew who was sitting in the audience both weeks.  I thought the co-host of “Love Line” was still Adam Carrola, another DWTS loser from season six.

While Mike looked good standing still and has an incredible smile, he couldn’t dance.  His partner Lacey looked great as usual but he was stiff as a board, which can be good for somethings, but not dancing.

Wendy William looks like a mess too, but she has fans and she is fun in the interview segments.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  It reminded me of the “Jefferson’s” without George, she is dancing with Bentley.

Sugar Ray Leonard was also in the bottom three.  He made the split screen moment.

I always think I can tell which couple is going home by the camera focus.  One couple always seems to get bigger just before they announce the elimination.  Sometimes they trick me but this time I was right.

One more shot of Kirstie’s kiss just because.

2 Responses to “Mike Catherwood eliminated on DWTS”

  1. Love your post!

  2. Isn’t Mike just the cutest? You’re right, he was stiff as a board but that is good for something. Hmmmm.

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