Do overs on AI

The redo as it has been dubbed was last night.  The theme was Elton John.   And  it appears several of the contestants and the host also got makeovers.   Casey’s haircut and beard trim were highlighted in a background clip, before he sang.  Nothing was said about Ryan Seacrest’s new haircut.   I thought he looked a lot younger and was crediting the hair, but one report says it was Botox.

Casey Abrams looked better and showed us that he deserved to be saved by singing “Your Song”.  He didn’t mess with it too much and showed he has an excellent voice and perfect pitch.  He sang every note which made it rich and emotional.  He finally connected with me instead of his usual “Fraggle Rock” performance.

James Durbin  was amazing in his performance of  “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting”.   He is the one to beat.

Lauren Alaina sang “Candle in the Wind”.  Now this song has been done to death.  Even Elton himself  remade it once for Princes Diana.  But this proved to be Lauren’s shining moment.   She put her heart into this and it showed.  She also had  a makeover that was stunning.

On a side note it looked to me like JLo was wearing the dress that Pia modeled in the background clips only on the other shoulder.  I am not a big fan of JLo’s singing but she looked beautiful last night.

Pia Toscano sang yet another ballad, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”.  It was perfect as always.  They keep telling her to sing something up tempo, but I say why mess with something that is already working.   An up tempo song might cost her votes.  She is a our ballad girl.

Jacob Lusk sang “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” and for once he did nothing more than sing.  I almost liked it.  The note he held a the end was unbelievable.  There is still something about him I don’t get. 

Stefano Lagone, “Tiny Dancer”.   JLo needs to keep her hand off this boy.  He can sing but I didn’t like this performance, especially the handholding at the end.

Thia Megia, “Daniel”.   This was a sweet song that she sang with great emotion, but it still left me wanting more for her.

Haley Reinhart, “Bennie and The Jets”.   The judges loved her performance.  I didn’t.

Scotty McCreery, “Country Comfort”.  Okay.  We get it you are a country singer.  He will need to put something else out there if he is going to win.

Naima Adedapo, “I’m Still Standing”.  Raggae Elton, you either like her or you don’t.  I am taking a pass.

Paul McDonald, “Rocket Man”.  Paul is so much fun to watch.  I agree with the judges this time, he needs more energy in that voice.

So who is going home?  My bottom three are Naima, Thia, and Haley.  Stephano could go too.


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