Veronica’s Closet crushes Maks on DWTS

The theme of the night was supposed to be dances choreographed to songs that moved the stars in someway.  I don’t think what happened is the movement they had in mind.

If you haven’t heard about it already, the show stealing segment on last night’s  DWTS was when Kirstie fell on Maks er ah Maks fell and pulled Kirstie down with him.  Apparently, Maks’s leg gave out under all that weight he was dragging around and Kristie landed next to him.   They got up and finished their rumba to great applause and appreciation from the judges, scoring 7s across the board.

Maks appeared on GMA and apologized for the accident.  He said he was sorry that it took away from the other performances that night, with all the attention focused on him.  He was very humble, not a trait I am used to seeing him convey, saying “I want to be in the shadows.”

Kirstie just smiled and said “It’s live TV”, referring the accident.  Lucky no one was seriously injured.  It was more of an embarrassment, I think.

As for the rest of the night, who remembers?  Actually, I do remember the football player, Hines Ward.  He did a nice job.  And Wendy Williams was another mess, she was supposedly thinking about her start in radio, which lead to Len saying it was a performance better left to the radio and not seen. (I don’t have an exact quote here.)   If she doesn’t go home it will be because of her fans not her dance technique.

Wendy felt compelled to share this picture of her blistered, bunioned feet on Twitter yesterday.  If she makes it to another week we can look forward to more nasty looking tweets I am sure.

5 Responses to “Veronica’s Closet crushes Maks on DWTS”

  1. I am not reading your posts on purpose. I have a couple of these shows recorded and I don’t want to ruin it for me. Hopefully I’ll catch up and can interact with you. In the meantime, enjoy the show! m.

  2. You got it right, Maks couldn’t hold up all that Kirstie weight. You got to give the guys creds from what he has done so far, swinging all that ham around and making it look easy. I like Maks. I like Kirstie too. They make the show. I can’t stand Sugar Ray Leonard and Hines has too much smile. Enough already.

    • Yes, I like Maks too. He is doing a good job and so is Kirstie. I like Hines smile but it is a little much. I thought it was sweet that his mother was there.

  3. those are man feet. I swear!

    and I love me some kirstie, no matter what size. of course, it doesn’t keep me from making fun occasionally.

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