AI and DWTS dating?

It seem two of my favorite reality shows are connecting with each other at the studio.   American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are both recorded live at CBS television city in L.A., apparently right next door to each other.

This has resulted in adorable Mark Ballas, professional dancer, dating Pia Toscano, the recently eliminated Idol contender.  Who says all dancers are gay?

Also recently reported,  Pia has signed a recording contract.   Losing Idol is not all bad.  In fact, it may be better.

Tonight we get to see if Kirstie and Maks can stay on their feet.  I’m betting they can.    Also, what dreadful frock  will hostess and former winner, Brooke Burke, be wearing.   I don’t think anything can top that thing with the big bow she wore on the premier this season.   Even she didn’t know what to do with it in the interview segments, resting her arm on it, while holding the mic up to the stars.  I like Brooke, but honestly some of those dresses are ridiculous.

Of course, I didn’t think anything could top her fringe outfit when she was a contestant (see below).


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