Idol goes to the movies

Last night we saw them all sing again.  But mostly we heard how JLo was named most beautiful person.   And we learned that now that Pia is gone Lauren needs to try to capture some of her votes by singing a ballad.  The first thing, JLo had so much eye shadow on I thought I was back in high school, and second even though the producer changed his phrasing after he had realized what a put down that was to Lauren, it still stuck.  Double stinko.

The good thing is that Lauren Alaina nailed her song.   She actually sang it better than the original, which considering it was “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, wasn’t that hard to do, but more importantly she made a connection with the song and the audience.  It was excellent.

Paul McDonald found another flower covered suit for his rendition of “Old Time Rock and Roll”.  He didn’t sing it in is underwear, which was probably a wise choice.   Again he sounds the same no matter what the words are.  It’s okay and I like his energy this time, but his voice is a novelty that is starting to wear off.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet the theme was songs from the movies.   Casey Abrams sang “Nature Boy” from “Moulin Rouge!”  Of course as the judges pointed out this song was also a Nat King Cole classic.   Casey was up there with his big old base doing his thing.   It bordered on perfect but he still manages a couple of half growls which spoiled it for me.

Jacob Lusk finally won me over with his performance of “Bridge over Troubled Waters”.    He didn’t over sing it, he let it flow and he hit those notes like no one else can.   I actually enjoyed him for the first time.  The song was supposedly from “The Pursuit of Happiness”.  But I remember it being in “The Graduate”,  perhaps they thought a picture of Will Smith verse Dustin Hoffman would connect better with a younger audience.   The producers are always working an angle.   Maybe Jada will make an appearance this season so we can see her shake her hair back and forth.   Oh my I can hardly wait!  I am not quite sure what Steve Tyler was saying that got bleeped.  Something nonsensical.  He even made up some musical terms and misused others.  I am not sure but I think he is not all there sometimes, kind of the Gary Busey of Idol. 

Jacob Lusk

As for the rest of them, Stephano Langone turned it up a notch with “End Of The Road” by Boyz II Men from “Boomerang”.  I am not a fan but he showed he is not going to give up even after being in the bottom three every time.  Scotty McCreery sang “I Cross My Heart” by George Strait from “Pure Country”.  I went to the kitchen during this performance, not a fan at all.  Haley Reinhart  sang “Call Me” by Blondie from “American Gigolo”.   I had hopes for this girl in the beginning but this song didn’t do her any favors.  Maybe they should have put up pictures of Richard Gere behind her, although her outfit was hot, prompting Steven Tyler to say he wanted to “look up her new address”.  He really is a dirty old man.  James Durbin sang “Heavy Metal” by Sammy Hagar from “Heavy Metal”,  I was still in the kitchen.  I discovered something. When I can’t see him he doesn’t cast a spell on me and he doesn’t sound as good.  But he has nothing to worry about.  Plenty of people love this guy.

Tonight one more will go home.  So far it has been all girls.   For Haley’s sake I hope it’s Stephano this time.


One Response to “Idol goes to the movies”

  1. I believe I saw Jho’s head getter bigger as the show progressed.

    “…JLo had so much eye shadow on I thought I was back in high school” cracked me up.

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