DWTS verses angry birds

I was watching “Dancing” last night but I was also trying to learn how to use our new smartphones.    We  upgraded this weekend.   Rick got an iPhone from his son and I purchased an android from HTC.    The two are very similar and yet different enough to cause frustration.   I hate the iTune program one must use with the iPhone.  It is not easy to use or setup properly.  The HTC has a much simpler interface.

Of course, the first day with the new phone was wasted playing “Angry Birds”.  I am not sure why this is the most popular game for  smartphones except that it starts with and A and the list of downloads is overwhelming.   The second thing I learned was that the battery dies if you play too much “Angry Bird”.    There is  a great deal of stress relief  that can be derived from putting a bird in a sling shot and flinging it at a bunch of pigs.   Which is ironically a good segue back to DWTS.

Kendra Wilkinson, of “Girls Next Door” fame, was one angry bird last week.  This week she apologized and blamed it on PMS.  Funny how it is okay for a woman to blame PMS but for men to say that about a woman is taboo.  Now that I think about it, if they are PMSing when you make the comment you truly are taking your life in your own hands.  Kendra actually did dance better last night.  She seemed to be enjoying herself which helped make the overall performance more entertaining.

“Kursed-y” Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy managed to end their string of accidents, dancing a Fox Trot to “American Woman”.   Honestly, once Maks stepped on stage in those tight leather pants and ripped his shirt off, I really wasn’t paying much attention to Kirstie’s dancing.

This performance did get me to stop playing with my smartphone! 

As for the rest of the night,  I did enjoy Chris Jericho and Cheryl Burke, dancing a Viennese waltz  to “America the Beautiful”.  Cheryl’s costume garnered a lewd comment from the normally G rated  Len Goodman, “So nice to see Cheryl showing off the Rocky Mountains there”, a mild comment strictly speaking, but coming from Len it was a bit embarrassing to Cheryl who turned away and blushed.


2 Responses to “DWTS verses angry birds”

  1. Sorry, I’m not keeping up with the show. I’m only following by reading yours and others Blogging about it. Really, I feel left out. Oh well!
    And I think I really need an IPhone. I’m so 2002.

  2. We don’t have smart phones – we hardly ever use our regular cell phones. Addicted to my MacBook Pro laptop though – I take it on holidays with me.

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