Petra Nemcova Voted Off DWTS

For a brief moment I thought the curse of being a model on DWTS had been lifted.  But audiences didn’t vote for supermodel, Petra Nemcova in this 5th week of competition .  Nemcova has officially lasted longer than any other of her leggy model predecessors who performed on past seasons of the show, including Paulina Porizkova, Rachel Hunter, Kathy Ireland and Josie Maran.

Of course Brooke Burke, co-host of the show and past winner, was a model/TV spokesperson, but not in the strictest sense like these other women who are classified as supermodels (i.e. Runway/Print).

I am sorry to see Petra go home.  It was nice to see someone so tall and graceful.  The judges were not kind to her and I am not sure why.  Certainly she was more talented than some of the others, Kendra for example, but most views can’t identify with models as much as they can reality stars.

One Response to “Petra Nemcova Voted Off DWTS”

  1. You are exactly right in your assessment of why Petra was voted off. She wasn’t as popular as Kendra. I too enjoyed seeing a tall and graceful woman, as well as her partner, dance. I think midgets like Mark Ballas shouldn’t be on the show at all. I woudl much rather see Kirstie and Maks than a Camera Hog like Ballas in his lifts.

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