Stefano Langone gone; Katy Perry Ga Ga

The bottom three were Jacob Lusk, wildcard pick Stefano Langone, and Haley Reinhart.   Haley never actually sat in the stools as she was quickly returned to safety.    Either one of these two could have gone home and it would have been okay with me, but Jacob survived for at least one more round.

Ryan asked how the show had changed his life.  Stefano replied, “It started my career and … you can’t put a price on that?”  I supposed if his career is a lounge singer he is right. For his send off he sang Stevie Wonder’s “Lately” one more time,  with his cheap grin and disgusting “swagger”.  James Durbin cried and ran out to bear-hug Langone, before the remaining contestants surrounded him in a group hug.

There was a  live performances by former Idol winner David Cook who sang  his new single, “The Last Goodbye.” Is it just me or does he have more hair then when he was a contestant?  I remember some sort of Donald Trump comb over.

Later Katy Perry, who looked like she stole some of Lady Ga Ga’s wardrobe, sang ‘E.T.” with Kanye West.

Next week, the top six will choose songs by Carole King.   Bruno Mars will perform on the results show.


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