Slippery Slope


I admit it.  I gained two pounds.   Why is it these pesky pounds don’t leave for good, like prodigal children they return to haunt me.   So what do I do about this?   My normal approach would be to give up.   Not this time.  This time I am going to analyse why this setback occurred.    To do this I am going to look at yesterday and the events that could lead to the slippery slope of diet failure.   I know the current PC references are that it is not a diet, it’s a life style change.   But look, if you are expecting me to eat less and exercise, that is a diet.  That’s what I have been calling it for 30 plus years and I am not going to change now.  A diet by any other name is just as painful!

So how did it begin?  It began quite well actually.  I had my normal breakfast.  I check my sugar and it was normal.  I left for work.  That’s when the trouble started.  I started looking at the tasks in my work queue and became stressed out over the fact that some tasks had been transferred to me because other members of our team were either incapable or refused to do them.   So here it’s is 8:30 AM  and the stress has started.

As any dieter can tell you stress causes one of two things,  loss of appetite or binge eating.   Unfortunately, unless it is stress from a relationship break up, I binge eat.

Okay, so the day starts with the usual work stress.  That is normal and doesn’t always trigger the binge.  Now wait another half hour.   I get a call from Rick.  The dryer is not workings.   More stress from home.  I go home for lunch.  We start researching dryers and the cost of a replacement.  My stress level increases 10 fold.   What happens next?   I find the bag of barbecue potato chips that I normally only have a small handful of on my plate with my sandwich and start stuffing them in my face uncontrollably.   Not a pretty site.  But I become conscience of what I am doing this time and stop the compulsive eating.  We figure out what is wrong with the dryer and we don’t need a new one.   I go back to work. 

What happened next?   I finish out the work day.  The problems from the morning get resolved.  I go home.  Ricky is cooking dinner.  The smoke alarm goes off because a dish is dripping into the bottom of the oven and causing smoke.  Ricky fans the detector it stops.  A few minutes later it goes off again.   I reach up and take the battery out of it until after the meal.  This irritating noise causes both of us some stress.    Dinner is served.  Ricky cuts into his meat and it is not done.  He become frustrated.  He nukes his plate.  The meat still doesn’t seem done.  He nukes it again.  By this point he has lost interest in eating it.  So what happens?   I eat his meat too and clean up the kitchen.  Again I realize this was not a good thing to do, so I stop myself from eating the rest of the scallop potatoes and put plastic wrap over them and put them away.

The evening continues.   We decide to go out and buy what we need to fix the dryer venting issue.   This all goes well.  On the way home Ricky is hungry.   We stop at Taco Bell.    “Are you sure you don’t want something too?”  I go inside with him and look at the menu.  I decided to have a soft taco “alfresco” it is fewer calories.  “Don’t you want two?”   I order two.  We go home and watch DWTS and eat our Taco Bell fast food.   Not a good thing.

DWTS is over.  I want something sweet.   I remember that Ricky has bought some of those Reese’s Easter Eggs and hid them from me in the pantry.   I find them under a package of dried gnocchi.   I just take one out and eat it.  I stop my self from having another one and opt for a glass of water.

See the slippery slope?  I should not be surprised that I gained two pounds.  The difference this time is I am looking at my mistakes and will attempt not to make them again.  I could blame Ricky for giving me his chicken and buying the taboo candy, but that would be silly. I am responsible not him.  Wish me luck the rest of this week. I hope this post might help others look at what they are doing to themselves too.  Thanks for reading my story.  (We won’t talk about that Easter Buffet Brunch!)


One Response to “Slippery Slope”

  1. I’m sorry. Easter can be a real Bitch sometimes.
    Your Friend, m.

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