Viva Las Vegas

Only two more days and we leave for Las Vegas.  I know, why would you  want to go to Las Vegas, you live in Reno, right?    Well, it’s a nice little get away in my own backyard.  The weather is better, the entertainment is better, the people watching is better, and the price is right.  I have free rooms.

We are staying just off the strip in a “locals” place.  But it has a pool, several restaurants (if we choose not to leave), and a movie theatre.  It’s perfect.  The main reason for the trip is that it will be our 12th anniversary (if I counted that right?).   We met on Cinco de Mayo in 1999.  Our first date was in Rockaway Bay at an italian restaurant.  Maybe we will go back there on our 20th.

It is also Ricky’s birthday on the 7th.  Our son and his wife will be meeting up with us there on Saturday.  They are going to fly in, we plan to drive down.   We are going to an italian mafia era type restaurant for his birthday.  It should be great fun.

For our anniversary we will probably go someplace for prime rib (diet be damned!).  Actually I hope to get some exercise walking around the town and shopping.  Plus I may spend some time in the pool, if they don’t start yelling “Man the harpoon” or “Your shading me!” , that should be a whale of a good time too.


One Response to “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Lost Vegas; what a hoot of a place!!
    I love to go if only to watch the people.

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