Addicted to Idol

I know last week I said I wasn’t going to watch anymore, but it was on the DVR and I couldn’t help myself.

We are down to the top 3.   At this point all of my favorites have gone home except Lauren.   She was joined by Scotty and Haley.   They sang 3 times.  The first was their own choice, the second was picked by Jimmy Iovine , and the third performance was picked by the judges.

We had Beyonce mentoring them on their own picks.  This was really awkward and I didn’t believe it was possible but she was more worthless than Miley Cyrus.  Of course, her only reason for being there was to plug her new video, which I fast forwarded through after the first couple of bars.  At least Miley pretended to help.

It was also going home week.  The three contestants got to go home and see their families for the first time since the competition began.  This segment brings on yawns for me too.  It is ment to sway you to voting for personality over talent.    So far the viewers are ignoring every attempt by the producers to influence votes so I doubt these little love fests had any effect either.

Scotty McCreery performs at an outdoor concert for local fans at his homecoming celebration in Garner, N.C.

Some how Scotty has really stepped up his game, after slipping under the radar through out most of this competition and not really getting much praise from the judges.  I still can’t stand to look at him, but he sounds great.  Judging from the audience response to his performance of “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?” he could win this thing.  He really did put it all together on this one and I am ashamed to admit, like reluctant judge Randy, I liked it.

Haley Reinhart

And Haley made an amazing impression too, tripping up the stairs and not missing a beat as she sang  “What Is and What Should Never Be”, a Led Zeppelin tune, with her father on the guitar.

My girl Lauren didn’t have that show stopping performance but she was consistent.  Her best performance for me was  “I Hope You Dance”.   She looked like she had already won.  Unfortunately, the  fans vote and they are a lot younger than me, so it really is anyones game.  My preference is that Scotty go home tonight.  What will really happen?  If you believe the current press Lauren is in jeopardy.


2 Responses to “Addicted to Idol”

  1. I vote for Haley. She was really amazing. She knows how to excite people. Scotty’s voice is not unique, lots of singers have that voice. With that similar voice, I more like Josh Gracin, the fourth-place finalist on the second season. Plus he’s more charming than Scotty 🙂

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