Cui ui Tuesday

According to the paper this morning the Cui ui are spawning in record numbers this year.  The endangered sucker fish travel up the Truckee from Pyramid Lake.  If  the water levels are too low they try to spawn unsuccessfully in the lake itself which is to salty for them to survive.  This year water levels are high and these suckers are spawning in record numbers.

Unlike the Salmon that spawn at Lake Tahoe, these fish are not much to look at, boarding on ugly.  The Paiute Nation has been raising them in fish hatcheries to prevent their extinction.   These fish along with the cutthroat Trout are a major food source for them.  In fact, the Northern Paiute called themselves the “Cuiyui Ticutta”, which means cui-ui eaters. (I know there are plenty of jokes that could be made here but I will spare you.  There is, however, some disco song that keeps playing in my head about dancing shoes.)

3 Responses to “Cui ui Tuesday”

  1. So what’s the dea? Are these fish killing off other fish which are good to eat? I feel like I need more of a background story on these. Also, I’m now wondering what Disco song talks about dancing shoes. Nothing is coming to mind. m.

    • They are in danger because of past drouts. When the water levels are low they can’t spawn up river. This is because the city of Reno diverts the water to reservoirs for us to use and drink. This leaves Pyramid Lake levels too low for proper spawning.

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  2. Cui ui ui ui dancing shoes. Keep me dancing all night. Okay so it’s a strech. Think KC and the Sunshine Band.

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