Sunshine day

The sun has finally made an appearance and the old wind bag has taken a break.  It seems a shame to be at work.  The break in the weather is short-lived.  By Sunday we are expecting more rain.  You’d think we lived in Seattle not Northern Nevada.  What ever happened to global warming?  Does that mean we get everyone’s cold weather?  Why not, they want us to be their nuclear waste dump.  I am drifting.

It is a wonderful day here in the “biggest little city”.    Eurofest starts at 4:00 pm, which means beer, sauerkraut and lederhosen er ah bratwurst.  The event is free except for the food of course.  It is sponsored by the Sands Regency (Terrible’s).

Look’s like Jagermeister to me.

Here is a picture of revelers from last year.

I will try and get some pictures of the lederhosen and the dancing to post later this weekend.  Hopefully, it won’t be quite as extreme as Sacha Baron Cohen below.


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  1. such legs !

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