Vampire Visit

This morning I had to fast for 12 hours before paying a visit to the local vampires (a.k.a blood draw).  It’s funny, I usually don’t eat much after 7:30 pm but last night, just knowing I couldn’t, made me feel hungry.  Plus I had to leave the house without breakfast.   I think these test are just plain cruel and inhuman.    Now that I am over 50 I need to have one of those colon exams, which is truly horrible.  I have been scared to make the appointment but I will soon.

Today I have several rushes to get done.   A day of meetings leave a lot of work piling up at my door.   There are two new people starting Monday that need computers.   I know it takes at least 3 months to get somebody hired around here.  Why did they wait till yesterday to think about ordering a computer.    So I have to rob peter to pay paul and scrounge up two computers from another request and make them wait for these to come.    If this didn’t happen every week I wouldn’t be upset.  After awhile I get confused on what computers are ordered and which ones are not with all the shifting around.  I am sure if any of you are in IT you have this same problem.

Just think if the medical side operated this way.  Stealing body parts from patients and making them wait for new ones to arrive.   Hey, maybe they do.  So now that I have had the blood sucked out of me at least my blood pressure won’t rise from all of this “business as usual” crisis management.

Top Ten Vampires image2.jpg

My favorite vampire, David Boreanaz  

5 Responses to “Vampire Visit”

  1. Okay, so you’re not into bloodletting. To each his own! m.

  2. I visit the vampires next week. Every six months blood is taken. By the way, make sure you get your colonoscopy. My uncle and my cousin didn’t and they are both dead now of colon cancer. One of my good friends did and his colon cancer was detected in time and he is still alive after five years. This is one examination that means something. Get it done please.

  3. I’m pretty good at drawing blood from fish but I feel a bit scary of being drew 😆

  4. yes, that is exactly how it goes! No lie no lie !

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