A load of ….

It is so easy to be negative.  It is so easy to find fault.  It is so easy to complain.  As long as it is directed as someone else we easily allow this.  Criticizing others.  Ridiculing others.  As if this makes us stronger.  Better.   Happier.

This negative energy is strong.  It feeds on our emotions.  It grows out of control.  We unwittingly become its victim, not by choice but circumstance.  We revel in a form of notoriety.   The evil grows.  It takes us over.   We feel charged.   We feel alive.  We are dying.

We can do so much more with positive energy.   With kindness.  With gratitude.  With  generosity.  It feeds on our emotions.  It grows.  We become its messenger.  We celebrate its success.  We feel in charge.  We feel in control.   We feel alive.   We are living.  We are truly happy.

How do we redirect this negative energy?  How do we turn it around?  It’s simple really.   We smile.   We listen.  We learn.   We open ourselves to possibilities.   We project a desire to succeed.   We help others succeed.  We present solutions.  We compromise.   We encourage.   We negotiate.   We love.

What really happens?    We get used.   We get taken for granted.   We get cheated on.   Others succeed without us.   We feel victimized.  We lose focus.  We become depressed.  We die inside.  

We try again to love and to be loved.   We are happy.   We heal.   We live again.

Okay so this is all a load of crap.  I know.  It is not that simple.  Life is challenging.   We are not always up to that challenge.   But we don’t give up.   Through sheer will, we survive.   We go on.   And maybe someone cares.

I care.


4 Responses to “A load of ….”

  1. Hey, what’s up? You okay? m.

  2. Jeffrey,

    An excellent post! This is exactly the way I feel somedays. We are on the same wavelength. I often feel negative and want to complain but try to turn that negativity around to something positive. Yes, I have been taken for granted, dumped on, ignorned and rejected. I think most people have. We have to focus on the good things in life. It is always a struggle but that is the only alternative thatg makes sense to me. Somedays it’s all that I can to to refrain from posting a huge negative blog. When I feel that way, I post a picture of a beautiful flower. But the struggle never goes away. All my life.

  3. indeed; don’t give up

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