Oxygen — the glee project

Okay so I had to go though a lot of channels to find this show.  It is actually pretty good.  These are real kids competing for a role that will be written for them.  I have only seen it once but Alex  has won me over as a regular view.  He is the quintessential gay entertainer.  At first I thought it was a woman then I wasn’t sure.   The voice is amazing and he puts a smile on your face.  He is absolutely fabulous!

I confess, I went to Oxygen looking for “Steel Magnolias” or some other equally sappy show.   Now if they would just go high def  it would be a great series.

One Response to “Oxygen — the glee project”

  1. Jeffrey,

    I just can’t get into 20 somethings playing teenagers. Doesn’t work for me.

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