Debbie does SYTYCD

As you know I am a big fan of “So you think you can dance”.  What you may not also be aware of is that I am a big fan of Debbie Reynolds.  So image my bliss when the two were combined this week.  Debbie was a guest judge.  Guests usually don’t  say anything negative about the performances, they are really just there to entertain us, and she did a great job.

After one interpretive dance where the dancer were supposed to be wood peckers, Debbie gave her impression of Woody.  She was charming in her commentary and suggest that she wouldn’t mind taking some of the male dancers home with her, after hearing the other judges beat them up a little.  Debbie really does provide an expert opinion,  “It’s all about dance, which I’ve done my whole life”, she said.  Who can fault her for not wanting to be mean?  Actually, if she were critical it might have scared some of these young talents, as it was she helped them by boosting their confidence, comparing them to some of the great dancers from the silver screen.   Even if they don’t win, those comments will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

I have seen Debbie a couple of times when she comes here to Reno.  She is a good friend of John Ascuaga and has appeared in the celebrity show room at his Nugget hotel in Sparks many times.  Her act doesn’t really change that much, but it doesn’t have to, I love her impressions, her attempts at tap dancing, and hearing her sing.  Plus she shows great movie clips, some of them are funny outtakes.  We are there to see a living legend, “Princess Leia’s  mom”, as she says “for you youngsters in the audience”,  although that title would be lost on my grandchildren.  I reviewed one of her visits on my blog,  No love songs for Jeffery.

This appearance on SYTYCD dance comes on the heals of her recent auctioning off of Marilyn Monroe’s subway dress.  Debbie has a huge collection of Hollywood artifacts.

For me (and unfortunately for Rick) she will always be “Tammy”.  I have made Rick watch this movie (Tammy and the Bachelor) as well as “Singing in the Rain”, so many times….I think he loves them too but won’t admit it.


One Response to “Debbie does SYTYCD”

  1. god, i love debbie…bawdy old broad that she is.

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