Let’s get physical

When your mother shares with you an article in the “Parade” about stomach by-pass surgery you know it’s time to do something.   Seriously,  she gave this article to my sister and I to read before dinner on Sunday.  Good appetizer don’t you think?  She had good intentions, but we explained to her the dangers and the success rates which were in the article which she somehow ignored.

I would jump at the chance to be instantly fit.  Who wouldn’t?  Surgery is not the answer.  So in an effort to please her I have promised to start swimming after work.  I explained that the displacement of water and the sight of me might frighten small children to which she replied go at night and wear a shirt.   Nice!  Think of me while you are eating your deserts this evening, floating in a pool attempting to swim the miracle mile, my 4x tee-shirt billowing full of air and attempting to strangle me.  (No, you can’t barrow my floaties, they are permanently attached to my body.)  On second thought think of Michael Phelps or that song by Olivia Neutron Bomb, what was it called?  Physical…that’s it.  Here is the updated Glee version.

But I do like the original too! It’s longer.

Maybe later I will tell you how my sister made her husband an Avon lady and he sold his mother-in-law a bra that had to be returned.  Talk about nightmares.  It was hot pink  40/4D and it didn’t fit!

That’s my family!  Are you jealous yet?

2 Responses to “Let’s get physical”

  1. Oh my, too many images floating around my head. That’s all too much. Good luck with the swimming! m.

  2. I see all the people who ‘failed bariatric surgery’ – they had the operation but don’t loose weight as no one taught them how to eat better or not from issue. If they did this to begin with, they wouldn’t have needed surgery

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