A cross between piss yellow and puke green

Things are looking better today.  My partner is in a good mood.  We have started making plans for a vacation at the end of summer.  I have been swimming regularly this week.   I even re-lost some weight.   So why am I not that excited.  Oh that’s right, I am at work with stupid people.

It is Friday and there are things that need to be done for Monday that I tried to get parts for earlier this week only to be turned down because the paper work from the customer was incomplete.  Problem is the customer is our Finance department.  Which means they are playing a pissing match, which also means I will be doing this install at the eleventh hour once again.  Why can’t they just grow up!

Enough complaining.  It is a lovely day and I am not going to let them ruin it for me.  We went to the Farmers Market last night and had Mexican food for dinner, they painted the bottom of my office building all one color yesterday and no new graffiti yet.   I am going to be happy damn it!


4 Responses to “A cross between piss yellow and puke green”

  1. Maybe you should just retire! Haven’t you had enough already/

  2. Yep – stay positive!

  3. it is no fun working with dummies. Stupidity makes me crazy.

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